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Tip for Decorating Your Living Room

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Tip for Decorating Your Living Room

House hunting for some can be inspiring and thrilling. The exciting part is you visualize how you want to decorate your home, and one of the main spaces that occupy people is your living room. There are six tips for decorating your living room.


One way to make the living room feel inviting, try mixing light and dark colors. An all-white living may seem intimidating, while a dark living room can be depressing, look like a cave, and is uninviting. Play with having black and white, or mixing colors. If you feel a little lost about which colors complement each other, try looking at a color wheel.


Try adding different textures to your living room decor. Plush surfaces are soft, comfortable, and cozy when paired with textures like stone, wood, glass, and metal.

Add colors

Mixing light and dark colors are one way of making your living room warm and inviting. Try throwing in light or warm colors to make the living room “pop.” For example, your furniture is mostly brown or diff shades of brown and white. Throw in yellow or turquoise to contrast the neutral colors, and so your living won’t look so dull.


Colors play in role in whether your living room will be inviting or a deterrent for guests. Also, consider the distance of your furniture from each other and the size of your furniture. Several small pieces of furniture are more appealing to the eye than one big 12-set sectional sofa. As a rule of thumb, seating areas should be about 8 feet from between each other. The diameter should be 8 feet or 4 feet out from the center. If your seating area or furniture is too close together, it could create an invasive feeling of your guests. Instead, have furniture at a reasonable distance between each other so you and everyone else can feel at-ease and relaxed.

Contrast neutrals

If you opt to have all neutral colors in your living room, have a variety of different shades of neutral colors. For example, white walls go well with caramel leather, brass, and a gray sofa. Different tints of black are also appealing to the eye.

The house hunting process can be daunting, for there’s a lot of paperwork and forethought that goes into buying a home. Once you purchase your home, that’s when the fun begins. You get to decorate your house, specifically the living room. The living room is the main area where people gather to relax, talk, and feel at home. An inviting living room has a variety of textures and colors. If you ever feel lost about which colors complement each other, look at a color wheel or ask an interior decorator for help. What if you’re still looking for a reliable real estate agent to help you? Contact Affordable Real Estate Services. We will work with you in finding your dream home, take the headache out of the process, and help you finance your home.

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